Breakfast, Chatbots and Facebook


You need to pick up breakfast for an early morning meeting, and don’t have a minute to spare. You recall viewing a banner ad on Facebook just days prior announcing that your favorite local bakery, Churned, is now offering order-ahead via Facebook Messenger.

You message Churned’s Facebook page while still on your driveway, and within seconds, a friendly chatbot named Max asks you what you’d like to order. You scroll through an embedded menu and make your selection.


At Churned, the team sees your order pop-up on their Poynt Smart Terminal. By the time you drop by the bakery, your order is ready for pick-up - you pay via Apple Pay and are on your way. Facebook tracks the offline sale and ties it to Churned’s ad campaign, measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts.

What you just read about is a single app on the Poynt Smart Terminal enabling a series of high-value events:

  • A customer can respond to a merchant’s Facebook ad by using Messenger to place an order for pick-up
  • The order is taken via chatbot with no interaction needed by the merchant
  • The customer’s order is transmitted to the merchant’s Poynt Smart Terminal in real time for preparation
  • The merchant’s ad campaign accurately reflects an offline sale (i.e. a conversion) - something previously not available via a POS
  • Finally, you have access to your customer’s details (e.g. name, photo etc.), which you can use in future communications via Facebook Messenger and SMS text


To tell us more about this seamless synchrony of events is Bruce Lee, Product Growth Manager at Facebook.

Q: So, Bruce, what makes the integration between OrderMax, Poynt, and Facebook Offline Conversions so revolutionary?
A: A key challenge for brick-and-mortar businesses today is measuring the impact of their advertising campaigns on store visits and sales. OrderMax measures how effective your Facebook campaigns are, how many targeted people have walked in, and how much they have spent.

Customer transactions are sent to Facebook’s Offline Conversions solution, and your Business Manager dashboard shows attribution reporting and lets you drill down into customer insights. At the same time, you build your customer list with valuable customer data.

This is the first time a POS is enabling tracking of something as important (and hard-to-track) as offline conversions.

Q: How does a merchant get started with this service?
A: OrderMax is integrated with Poynt, and merchants can easily find and install OrderMax from the Poynt App Marketplace. When getting started, a merchant connects its Inventory (Categories, Items, and Modifiers) to OrderMax and then connects its Facebook Business Page to OrderMax.

Adding a photo to each item is highly recommended since customers will be presented with the merchant’s menu through Facebook Messenger and will want to know what they are choosing. Good quality photos also help increase the size of average ticket.

When on-boarding is finished, any customer that messages the merchant’s Facebook Business Page will be offered an online ordering option in the thread.

Q: How can a customer discover a merchant’s order-ahead capabilities on Facebook?
A: Customers messaging the merchant’s Facebook Business Page will be presented with the order-ahead option. Starting communication by clicking on the Get Started button, the customer will have an option to order ahead or start a conversation.
Discovery can also be done through Facebook Messenger, Facebook online campaigns, and printed materials.

Q: What are the OrderMax app’s benefits for merchants?
A: OrderMax takes orders for merchants, saves their time, and sells more with fantastic up-selling opportunities. It is a great tool to build a customer database (CRM) and a great way to track results of online campaigns in the offline world. Best of all – customers don’t need to install yet another app; it all works with a click on a link or ad button. Friction is reduced to zero, and the customer is delighted by the easy experience.

Q: What have merchants been saying about this feature?
A: OrderMax is the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way for customers to order online, from mobile, or in-store. Order-ahead is one of the most implemented trends in the QSR industry in the last 10 years, with projections that 50% of all US QSR operators will offer order-ahead by the end of 2018. OrderMax removes the friction customers have when ordering online, and helps build a relationship between merchants and customers by removing third party services from the online ordering process. And the only brand that the customer sees is the merchant’s brand.

Additionally, merchants love that they can see order ahead sales immediately on their Poynt Smart Terminal.

Q: What about customers?
A: Simplicity and convenience is what customers value the most. No more app downloads - find customers where they already are – in messaging apps. OrderMax is a business branded Facebook bot that enables customers to seamlessly order ahead, saving their time and providing an exceptional experience.

Watch a recording of our 7/20/17 webinar with OrderMax, Facebook, and Homebase here.

You can also find valuable sales content for OrderMax and other apps on our Poynt Sales Hub.

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