5 Ways Resellers Can Deepen Merchant Relationships with Measurable Insights

At the heart of any reseller/merchant relationship is a trust that the former will be there to support the latter. One of the best ways to do that is with a comprehensive POS solution that offers an intuitive design, excellent service, and measurable insights. That last piece—providing measurable insights—is what ultimately enables your merchants to expand their customer base and grow their business. Here’s how resellers can build long-term merchant relationships by providing data-driven insights:

1. Use Mission Control to manage merchants and provide support

A smooth payment experience is a great foundation on which you can build long-term relationships. From the introductory phone call to signing the contract to deploying the system, the merchants you work with will have the confidence that their new POS solution will serve them well.

But the relationship doesn’t end there. Merchants want a partner, not just a vendor. They want someone who they can ping with a quick question or who will hop on the phone to troubleshoot a larger problem. A reseller that vanishes after the check has cleared won’t win any friends, and certainly no new customers.

Poynt’s Mission Control makes this relationship much simpler. Its automated onboarding capabilities let you quickly bring on any number of new merchants, easily manage them from your personalized command center, and adjust settings with one stroke of the keyboard.

2. Help merchants solve problems with advanced analytics

For modern resellers, data is the glue that binds the elements of business together. Data is just as important as the transactions themselves—it lets you see patterns and create predictive models that improve productivity and streamline the payment process.

In fact, 81 percent of retailers and brand manufacturers actively gather data on the customer shopping experience, and 76 percent believe it provides insights that are essential to the success of their business.

And they’re slicing and dicing that data to squeeze the most out of it—retailers are looking closely at monthly, daily, even hourly sales, cross-referenced by brand and supplier. This allows them to more effectively manage inventory and schedule employees according to demand.

These data insights can improve merchant relationships by allowing you to identify their pain points and offer solutions. Whether their POS terminal needs an upgrade or they want help breathing life into their loyalty program, you’ll have hard numbers pulled from real-time diagnostics to help walk them through potential solutions.

3. Use data to help merchants deliver a better customer experience

It’s a common industry problem: how to create a safe and secure payment process while minimizing customer inconvenience. One way that a modern payment solution can help move things along is by remembering your merchant’s customers—who they are, what they want, and when they last bought it.

Poynt HQ provides real-time access to this crucial data and integrates it into your merchants’ daily business process. It also allows them to roll out custom-built loyalty programs that give customers incentives to return based on their own purchase history and gives merchants an opportunity to design a customized sales experience.

4. Equip merchants with business-building apps

Your merchants no doubt have ambitious goals for their companies, but they may not always have the technical skills or budget to build from scratch the tools they need. A POS platform with a robust variety of apps provides such services as accounting, inventory management, loyalty programs, and enhanced productivity. The data-driven system only presents merchants with apps relevant to their specific industry, be it hospitality or healthcare.

Your merchants will be well-equipped with the tools they need, and you’ll earn a new monthly revenue stream.

5. Work with a merchant-first provider

The value of data is only as good as the insights it provides. Poynt’s Mission Control platform provides advanced analytics that give your merchants the confidence to pursue their biggest dreams. Customers like the speed and convenience, merchants appreciate the functionality, and resellers value what makes it unique: unparalleled design, superpowered apps, and top-notch support.