Giving Merchants Superpowers: The Value of the App Ecosystem in the POS

Whether you’re building a small mom-and-pop shop or a global business, every entrepreneur will agree that you need the right tool for the right job. Put another way, if your only tool at hand is a hammer, everything around you starts to look like a nail.

This is especially true for your payment system. In the modern era, an old-school terminal that was designed for a 20th-century customer won’t help you provide remarkable customer service. You need a solution that’s connected, secure, and able to grow with your business.

The Poynt App Ecosystem

Small business owners have big dreams, but not always the resources to build the tools they need from scratch. A POS platform with a comprehensive assortment of apps gives them access to inventory management, accounting, productivity enhancement, and loyalty programs.

The following is a small taste of how Poynt’s App Center can increase efficiencies and enhance customer retention.

  • Homebase manages your team’s hours more effectively by keeping tabs on schedules and time cards.
  • eThor connects your Poynt devices to Micros POS in hospitality, lodging, and retail environments.
  • Apptizer allows restaurant customers to place orders ahead of time in just a few clicks. This app plugs right into your checkout flow, increasing sales without creating any extra work.
  • Paya Services issues gift cards and manages rewards programs directly from your terminal.
  • Lightning Register generates comprehensive sales reports and syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks, all while managing your inventory.
  • eHopper is your one-stop POS shop that reads credit cards, scans barcodes, and prints receipts, all from an elegant touch screen.
  • Mangomint provides a modern booking system and marketing platform for your salon and spa.
  • Kitchen Display improves restaurant staff communication by instantly displaying all open orders inside the kitchen.
  • Cash n Tips tracks all cash and tips, from the register to the tip jar.
  • ListBuilder jumpstarts your email campaigns by connecting your POS to your marketing platform.

Unlock Merchant Superpowers

When a customer has a fast and easy experience paying for your product or service, you’ve made a connection that will encourage them to come back and become loyal patrons.

A connected POS solution makes that far more likely to happen. It provides an open operating system that can power any smart payment terminal worldwide, processes all current (and future) payment methods, and allows you to customize the platform to support your unique business needs.

There will always be new markets to serve, new products and services to provide, and new opportunities for growth. A majority of small business owners use an average of four apps to meet these goals. Poynt’s App Center can mark the difference between a payment solution that maintains the status quo and one that gives you a competitive advantage.