How to Make the Most of the Poynt App Center

You have big dreams for your small business: Amazing products, strong profit margins, and loyal customers who can’t wait to come back. To achieve these goals, you need modern tools to power your day-to-day operations, such as managing staff, managing inventory, and processing payments.

But small businesses may not have the resources to create these tools themselves. That’s where a POS platform with a diverse offering of apps can make all the difference. From accounting to loyalty programs to productivity tools, these apps come in all shapes and sizes, including many that are specifically designed for industries such as retail and restaurants.

So how can apps help your business?

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

It is easy enough to oversee your business in-person if you have just one storefront with one payment terminal. But what happens when you open a second or third location? Or if you have multiple transactions happening at terminals throughout each store? 

With the Poynt app center, you can process orders from any terminal, desktop or handheld, keeping lines short and customers happy. The app center lets you view reports and real-time statistics whether you’re standing in the store or on the other side of the world. You can also empower others to keep an eye on things by setting them up with management access via web, mobile, or through the terminal itself.

Empower Your Employees

Gone are the days when onboarding a new team member required stacks of paperwork and lost time waiting for it to be processed. Now you can set up new employees right from your terminal and start training them immediately, saving time and money. A smooth process makes it more likely that you’ll keep your best workers. In fact, companies that make onboarding a priority boost their productivity by more than 70 percent and new hire retention by 82 percent.

Managers can painlessly coordinate shifts and process timecards, and workers can clock in and out quickly and easily. This saves time and eliminates confusion in a retail environment where team members often work irregular schedules and where last-minute cancellations or schedule changes are common.

With Poynt’s user-friendly interface at your fingertips, you can get new hires up to speed right away. In no time, they’ll be comfortable taking orders, bringing up customer details (including loyalty information), and double-checking inventory with just a few taps. Whether you run a boutique, a sports bar, or a vegan donut shack, a modern POS empowers your team to do more in less time and with less hassle.

Improve Your Customer Service

The restaurant and retail industries are feeling the effects of app-enabled payment systems. Smartphone orders are on track to account for more than 10 percent of all business at quick-serve restaurants this year, and mobile food orders make up a $38 billion industry. Mobile sales at retailers are predicted to hit $329.15 billion, and will account for nearly half of total US retail e-commerce sales.

A modern payment platform allows you to take full advantage of these trends. Once that hungry patron taps “place order,” a notification pops up on your payment terminal and their order slides right into the checkout flow. You can pre-authorize credit cards, accommodate custom orders, and include special offers or loyalty rewards on print or email receipts.

Turn Your Business Dreams into Reality

Those big dreams we mentioned at the top don’t have to feel so far off in the future. A connected POS solution with a powerful suite of apps can put you on the fast track to making those dreams a reality. And you won't be alone—most small business owners use an average of four apps to make their business go.

Poynt has all of that, plus an open operating system that works on any smart terminal across the globe, accepts all manner of payment methods, and is uniquely customizable for your business.