It’s been an awesome week here at Poynt. We introduced the Smart Terminal just a few days ago, a bit unsure of what the reaction would be. As much as we believed in the device’s value to merchants, it would mean nothing if we didn’t appropriately communicate our story. The immediate response has been nothing short of amazing, showcasing just how much merchants and developers have craved a solution like this and how many people share our vision. Since launch we have received interest from merchants and developers in almost every category and across more than 150 countries around the world, signing up to use or build on top of the Smart Terminal.

This gives credence to the fact that we have an opportunity to do something bold here, something really groundbreaking that can affect millions of merchants, developers, banks, and consumers. Change this big, this systemic does not come solely from the team in our Palo Alto office however. Technology alone is not enough - reaching mass adoption requires great partners.

Last week, we announced some amazing innovation partners. Vend, Kabbage, Swarm, Boomtown, Bigcommerce and Intuit helped us define the requirements for an open platform and paved the way for developers everywhere to bring innovative applications to merchants. Today, we are excited to reveal another prong to our ecosystem by sharing five more founding partners. These companies directly address some of the most important merchant needs.

No one has greater insight into merchant technology needs than those who distribute it. That is why we are thrilled to announce Chase Paymentech and Vantiv as founding partners. These two organizations are among the top merchant banks in the country with close to a million merchants and a trillion dollars of payment volume. Innovative and forward thinking, these two organizations assisted us in determining how to best position the Smart Terminal for broad adoption worldwide.

We are also proud to announce EVO Payments, POS Portal and Creditcall as founding partners. EVO Snap has helped us pilot our solution for the last 6 months, POS Portal's logistics prowess and national agent network will help get us quickly get to Main St. merchants, and with Creditcall agents can avoid requiring merchants to switch acquiring banks.

We are excited and humbled to have the support of these great partners. Sharing in our mission to fix broken commerce infrastructure, they continue to push us every day to ensure that the Poynt Smart Terminal and PoyntOS are the best solutions for all merchants. We look forward to sharing many more exciting developments with you soon, so stay tuned as Poynt and our partners set out to usher in a new chapter in commerce.