Omnicommerce: Why You Need to Build an Integrated Customer Experience

Today’s customers increasingly expect seamless experiences as they move across channels. To deliver on these expectations, more and more retailers are focusing on omnicommerce—the idea that businesses and experiences should be the same whether a customer is interacting with a brand in a physical location, on their website, or on social networks.

In an age where competitors are always just a few clicks away, the customer experience is becoming one of the highest priorities for retailers, and for good reason. According to Salesforce data, 76 percent of customers say that it’s easier than ever for them to find new brands that meet their expectations. If you offer a standout customer experience across all of your sales channels, customers are much more likely to continue supporting your business instead of looking for substitutes.

The good news is that delivering a consistent omnicommerce experience isn’t as hard as it might sound. Let’s take a look at three ways you can build an integrated customer experience that follows your customers as they move from one channel to the next.

1. Invest in the latest payment tools

Today’s customers expect a personalized experience. For retailers, this means that they expect to be able to buy things how they want to buy them (e.g., in a store or online) and they expect to be able to pay for things however they want (e.g., using Apple Pay or a credit card). Beyond that, they also expect companies to track their customer histories as they move from one channel to the next.

By investing in the latest payment technology, your retail business can deliver on all of these expectations. For example, the Poynt Smart Terminal enables you to accept a variety of payments—including EMV, NFC, mag stripe, gift cards, EBT, cash, credit cards, and PIN on glass. What’s more, Poynt can be extended with popular POS systems and other apps to strengthen CX further by tracking customer journeys, streamlining workflows, and generating tons of data you can use to continuously improve.

2. Use data to continuously improve the customer experience

When it comes to improving the customer experience, you have two choices: You can either make decisions based on your instincts, or you can collect the right data and use that information to inform your decisions.

There’s no sense in rolling the dice on something as important as the customer experience, which is why today’s leading retailers are increasingly turning to analytics to delight their customers consistently. With the right payment solution in place, your retail business will have access to a wealth of information that can help you figure out what your customers are most interested in, what needs to be changed, which employees are most productive, what hours are most profitable for your business, and more.

3. Develop a customer loyalty program

Starbucks has one of the most successful loyalty programs in the world. In 2016, the coffee retailer had more than $1.2 billion loaded onto plastic and mobile Starbucks cards. One of the reasons this program has been so successful is that Starbucks has managed to deliver a consistent experience across all of its channels. Customers can reload their cards on their phones, on the company’s website, through their app, and, of course, in physical locations.

Most customers are loyal to certain brands. In fact, a recent study found that 84 percent of U.S. adults are loyal to specific retailers. A rewards program that moves with customers across channels presents a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty by delivering a seamless customer experience in each interaction. By tracking purchases across locations and rewarding customers with discounts and freebies, you can improve customer retention while increasing profitability.

The best part? Implementing a loyalty program and managing it can be incredibly simple thanks to new tools like Paya, an app that lets merchants create gift card programs right from the Poynt Smart Terminal.

Build an Integrated Customer Experience and Thrive in the Omnicommerce Economy

Investing in modern payment solutions makes it much easier to meet customer expectations by delivering a seamless experience across channels. Poynt is one such solution that gives you the modern tools you need to delight your customers with in-store experiences while providing robust analytics that you can use to improve your business, as well as an easy way to create and institute a customer loyalty program.

Add it all up, and Poynt offers the easiest way to continuously improve the customer experience and thrive in the omnicommerce economy. What’s not to like?