Point-Of-Sale: Choose A Business Solution, Not Just An Accessory

We are all familiar now with the mores of running a storefront during COVID - mask requirements, labelled social distancing guidelines, plexiglass protection, restricted seating options and sanitizers placed at key points in the store all keep us safe and healthy. When it comes to managing and facilitating your transactions, you want something seamless and reliable. Point of sale solutions are essential for small businesses as they centralize and automate the most important systems that keep your business running. They store valuable sales information in your dashboard and give you the tools to synthesis it. With Poynt, you won't just have to keep up with the new normal, you get to create it.
We are operating in uncertain times; the last thing you want is to be caught without access to your tools and information. Poynt is easy to set up and customize from anywhere, and you can seamlessly integrate every aspect of running your business from sales data to inventory. By shifting to Poynt's cloud-based POS platform you are ensuring that you can both manage and view your most valuable information from anywhere in the world. In the event that accessing your storefront is not possible, you want to make sure you are ahead of the curve so you can comply with lockdown orders without sacrificing the growth of your business.
In a post-Covid world, people want to feel safe and comfortable when they make a purchase. Poynt can help you take this opportunity to offer a specialized boutique experience customized to your consumer base, with tools customized for you. As businesses re-open, consumers' inboxes are flooded with rephrased safety protocol information and then once again at the door while shopping; let Poynt take the interruption out of the equation, allowing you to conduct fully no-contact transactions, giving customers the security and confidence they need to keep coming back without compromising their health or time.
Things are changing, and they're changing fast; let Poynt help you observe trends and analyze patterns to determine what is driving consumer habits and how you can better anticipate their preferences. Use Poynt’s integration system to reach out to previous customers with new offers and updates on what the future looks like for your business -- and how that impacts them.
Taking the guesswork and disruptive info-gathering steps out of your transactions opens up an opportunity to connect and foster familiarity with both your employees and consumer base on a higher level. With Poynt, you can hone in on the exact kinds of promotions, services and experiences they value the most, making it easy for you to provide the most.
The best payment programs put the customer in charge and minimize the steps they have to take at the register. Poynt helps you create an exclusive bond with your consumers by remembering past purchases, payment methods and contact information. Poynt's customizable payment terminals give you full reign to create a solution that suits both your style and efficiency. Use these tools to disable signatures and the receipt screens on your terminal for a fully no-contact experience, or skip the screen altogether and let the customer take care of their payment over the phone by entering it into your virtual terminal. If you've had to take your business online, we are ready to process your e-commerce payments. Poynt's unprecedented processing rates give you even more leeway to cultivate a brand consumers know they can rely on, so you can create a solution no one has seen before!