Global Resources for COVID–19

To our global merchants and partners:

With the impact that COVID-19 has had on all of us globally, we are committed to supporting our merchants and partners as businesses resume normal activities again—with new hygiene and health precautions in place. 

We’ve pulled together some resources to keep merchants a) safe,  b) informed, and c) solvent.

We've included information about contactless payments, card-not-present payments, gift cards, managing your business remotely, and other ways to weather the storm.


Accepting email & phone orders

With restrictions on foodservice business operations around the world, services for takeout and delivery, as well as platforms that support card-not-present functionality are more important than ever. Today's businesses rely on omnicommerce payments: accepting orders by email, phone, online, as well as in-person.

Poynt customers can access 3rd party apps that offer delivery or curbside pickup, such as Applova. Poynt’s Virtual Terminal app gives you the ability to accept payments over the phone if you don’t have an online store. These features help you continue to transact even if your store has to remain closed.

Contactless payments

As we all work to minimize contact to slow the spread of COVID-19, remember that all Poynt Terminals are fully contactless-enabled. This allows customers to pay using wallets, contactless cards, and QR codes, minimizing physical contact in-store. You can also rely on remote payment options, like Invoices (with one-time or recurring payments—and also with card-on-file capability).

To promote your ability to accept contactless payments, you can:

  • Add signage indicating that you accept ApplePay, Google, and NFC payments.
  • Take a picture of the signage and upload it onto your Smart Terminal
  • Disable paper receipts for the time being and encourage text, email or no receipts
  • Update settings so that you don't ask for a signature

Electronic gift cards & other useful apps

Poynt Apps—such as Register, Terminal, and Poynt HQ—are enhanced by an App Center of 3rd party apps that collectively help businesses solve problems in many different areas. Gift cards are a good way for businesses to earn revenue if hours are limited, and our partner eGiftify is a good solution: helping businesses keep revenue steady with digital gift cards.

Our App Center has hundreds of useful solutions, whether you need to enable delivery, message your customers, or manage inventory

Remote business management tools

If you’re operating with a reduced team, have to be home with your kids, or can’t make it into work in person, Poynt HQ enables you to stay connected to your business remotely. View reports and look-up real-time statistics from your mobile phone or the web.


Poynt Capital

Poynt Capital offers you instant access to merchant cash advances. No loan application is required as risk is assessed by processing history. You'll get next-day access to funds, which can benefit small businesses in uncertain times.

The entire Poynt team is here to help and we can be reached at